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Press Release Writing & Submission Service

naturalwriter-press-releases-with-silly-boyAs I am continuing my journey through my freelance writing career, I think of all the ways to expand my niche.

I am now offering to write Press Releases and I will submit them to free Press Release sites, thus saving you time and money!



What is a Press Release?

You may of heard of it be referred to as “Media Release”, “Press Statement”, “News Release”, or even a “Video Release”. All of these different terms have the same basic meaning, which is, getting your website, product and/or service out there for other people to see and learn about you and what you have to offer, through very specific business news release websites.

Many individuals who are consistently seeking out new services, follow these types of media sites so they can find exactly what they are looking for at their finger tips. This gives you the opportunity to advertise regular services, discounted items, or limited time offers with little to no effort. Let me do the work for you!

So, if you would like to have a statement written just for your business, product, website or service don’t hesitate to check out my order page HERE and make your business more visible to you online audience!!

Feel free to contact me HERE, if you have any questions!!