About NaturalWriter

Greetings to you all!

Let me be the first to introduce myself :)

about-naturalwriterMy name is NaturalWriter and took it upon myself to create this writing blog, because I like being able to express myself in a variety of ways while taking the time to write about my experiences as I go along in life.

I’ve always enjoyed writing. Back in my childhood days, my Great Uncle “Lanny” would say over and over again, “You need to write! Just write!”; now keep in mind, he use to be a writer for a local newspaper. He took great pride in writing articles about the historical views and culture of his community. He would linger and hover over me while I was sketching or writing. How I hated that! I was very shy and self conscious of my work, and I had despised the lurking feeling I use to get. Putting his hands on my shoulders, chuckling while looking down at me, complimenting my creative imagination; he provided me the encouragement to keep going.

My teenaged years, I had no interest in school. NONE whatsoever. The only subjects I thrived in was English and Biology. I thoroughly loved philosophy and always knew I wanted to care for people in need, but that would come later. I was far too busy exploring my life and enjoying my friends. Socializing was more important than school at the time. When I had hard times, I turned to writing poems, creative stories and sketching.

I never had the courage to become “NaturalWriter”. I didn’t believe individuals would be interested in what I had to say. I’m not important, so why would they? WOW!!! Was I wrong… People love reading my detailed and descriptive stories, which covers any niche. I particularly enjoy writing erotica stories, because it allows me to become creative in many different ways.

I’ve been educating myself about part-time writing careers, along with micro job sites, and I have written quite a few articles for affiliate product promotion, re-writing website content, recommending products by providing reviews on blogs and other websites, while maintaining my creative touch throughout the process. It’s fun and a great way to get paid!

As I am heading into my mid 30′s, and being a single mother of a soon to be five year old son, I reflect upon my past and look onto the future. I have a part-time career in healthcare, which I enjoy immensely; however I can’t see it stopping there. I yearn for constant change, and I thrive to learn and explore new angles in life and discussion. I will always extend the olive branch by stretching my knowledge, as knowledge is power.

Though many parts of expression is through creative writing, it also goes through with music. I listen to various types of music dated back to the 1930′s – present time.  From very old country classics, classical, to heavy metal. Some of my favourite artists are Louis Armstrong, Lead Belly, Woody Guthrie, Patsy Cline, The Beatles, Richard Thompson, Hugh Laurie and the list goes on and on. We’d be here for days on end…

Playing the guitar, mandolin and the drums are a fantastic way to express yourself. There are three instruments which I will eventually learn how to play: Banjo, Fiddle and Piano. In order to get through life you have to find ways to express how you feel. It’s how you cope with life’s troubles that will get you through your day.

Why did I choose the name NaturalWriter? Well, I feel writing comes naturally to me. I can easily describe things how I see them without blinking an eye.  I feel as though I’m very comfortable with my thoughts and getting them on paper… Or should I say on my computer through the keyboard.

If you are a person that is seeking to hire an article writer, who truly is a NaturalWriter, and loves doing the work; please don’t hesitate to contact me to ask questions at anytime. I’m always willing to learn and adapt to my clients needs, as I am flexible and easygoing.